• Low Power Solution - PowerMagic®

 PowerMagic® - Technology  

Target Methodology Implementation and Verification
PSO Power Shut Down ‧External power shutdown
‧Customized low leakage I/O pad power switch
Power Gating

‧Coarse grain MTCMOS
‧Rush current analysis / decap cell insertion
‧Isolation cell insertion & verification
‧Data retention (FF and memory)

PowerSlimTM Library

‧Multiple VT libraries swapping
‧Multiple channel length libraries optimization
‧Low leakage memory with deep-sleep mode

Low Power CTS ‧Clock gating clone / de-clone
‧Inverter tree & peak power mitigation
Multiple Supply Voltage ‧Multiple voltage library characterization
‧Voltage islands with level shifter insertion
DVFS ‧Power mode verification / optimization
‧Dynamic clock tree balance
‧Synchronization logic across power domains
Mass production proven in 130nm/90nm/65nm/40nm/28nm designs
Comprehensive low power solution
  • Leakage power reduction
  • Dynamic power reduction
  • Low power design verification
Proprietary low power methodology
  • Power-aware DFT
  • Yield-aware dynamic IR prevention
  • Power gating rush current reduction




  • Low Power Design Success Story
Process Gate Count Clock Freq. Application Methodology
28nm 40M   800MHz   Storage  PSO /MTCMOS+multi-VT+MSV
28nm  30M  1600MHz Smart phone   PSO /MTCMOS+multi-VT+MSV
40nm 36M   400MHz   Smart phone  PSO /MTCMOS+multi-VT
40nm  7M  800MHz GPS   PSO /MTCMOS+multi-VT
40nm 22M   266MHz   Smart phone  PSO /MTCMOS+multi-VT+MSV
40nm  12M  266MHz Smart phone   PSO /MTCMOS+multi-VT+MSV
65nm 1.5M 200 MHz Cell phone PSO+multi-VT+MSV
65nm 10M 300 MHz Video PSO+multi-VT+low power library
65nm 8M 300 MHz Cell phone PSO+multi-VT+DVFS+data retention
65nm 19M 266MHz Smart phone PSO /MTCMOS+multi-VT+DVFS+data retention
65nm 11.3M  266MHz  Smart phone  PSO /MTCMOS+multi-VT+MSV+data retention
90nm 1M 200 MHz DTV on cell phone PSO+multi-VT+power switch
90nm 2M 200 MHz Cell phone PSO+multi-VT+customized IO
0.13um 2M 380 MHz Cell phone PSO+multi-VT+MSV



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