• SiP Service
GUC’s System in Package (SiP) service differentiates us from others by providing higher performance SoCs and shortening time-to-market that make our customers’ products more competitive. Our capability and experience in SiP bring customers the following benefits:
  • Miniaturization : Lighter, Smaller, and Thinner
  • Better performance: Shorter trace distance and reduction of Noise/Power Consumption/EMI
  • Integration of heterogeneous and mixed process technologies
  • Better time-to-market
  • Lower total cost

GUC has an extensive experience in SiP service. Since Q1, 2009, we have shipped more than15 million units to our customers. The following are some highlights of SiP success stories:

Application Integrated with SoC PKG PackagSize (mmxmm)
Networking 8x Memory, ~300 Passives FCBGA  55x72



2 x MDDR


Multimedia  SDRAM, Ethernet PHY LFBGA  14X14
Car Camera SDRAM, Rx, Tx LFBGA 14X14
Mobile Phone PMIC, SDRAM, Flash PoP 12X12
Security Camera SDRAM


Mobile TV RF, ~20 Passives TFBGA 12X12
GUC is certainly your best choice for SiP service considering our proven track record. Moreover, we are at the most superior and effective position in the total Integrated Circuit (IC) supply chain for SiP design service that allows us in:
  • Known-Good-Die (KGD) identification, sourcing and logistics.
  • Optimization of SoC floor plan & pad layout to match with KGD’s.
  • Chip/Package/Board co-design to ensure optimized package configuration, as well as performance of electrical, thermal, mechanical and yield.
  • Test flow and programming optimization for total test solution of SoC & KGD.




Our SiP design and production services feature the following aspects that enable us to provide differentiated service:

  • A. Business justification
    - Feasibility study 
    - Trade-off analysis
    - Cost assessment 
  • B. Excellent design service
    - Chip implementation
    - Optimum SiP package/configuration selection and design
    - Total test solution development

  • C. Professional manufacturing service
    - Known Good Die (KGD) sourcing and logistics
    - New product bring up: Production flow  optimization and yield enhancement 
    - Demand fulfillment & on-time delivery
    - Ecosystem: Easy access to engineering support from world-class PKG/Wafer foundries partners

  • D. Total and optimized engineering solutions
    - Design: Chip-package-board co-design/simulation to lower cost and to optimize performance
    - DFM: Whole chip routing DRC and layout optimization for assembly yield improvement
    - DFT: Embedded BIST circuit design and entire package test solution
    - Electrical: Whole chip package modeling and timing analysis
    - Thermal: 3D package modeling to obtain accurate junction temperature
    - Mechanical: CTE mismatch impact and stress analysis for the entire package
  • SiP Design Service Flow



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