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The greatly increased functionality incorporated in today's IC designs must use existing proven IP components to meet market windows. However, there are too many different kinds of IP due to function requirements and technology node differences for any one company to provide. As part of GUC's total solution for customers, GUC's IP Eco-System allows you to work with products from GUC, TSMC and other IP vendors to provide the widest range of design options for designers to complete their projects in a timely and cost-efficient way.

GUC excels in working with customers on methods, technology adoption, and the design process, to enhance productivity and reduce risk. GUC's comprehensive line of IP products and services along with vendors in the IP Eco-Systems enable the rapid adoption of emerging technologies and interfaces, while reducing the customer's time to market and SoC development risk and ensuring compliance to the respective standards.
GUC's silicon-proven IP provides designers with a broad range of synthesizable implementation IP, hardened PHYs and verification IP for ASIC, FPGA, and SoC designs. The GUC in-house IP portfolio includes bus interface, mixed signal, data converter, multimedia, power management, and SERDES.
  • Bus Interface IP includes digital and mixed-signal standards-based connectivity IP such as 1G and 10G SerDes (supporting GPON/EPON applications as well as XFI and 10G BASE-KR back plane applications), PCI-e 3.0/2.0, SATA 3.0/2.0/1.0, SAS 2/1, USB3.0/2.0/1.0, HDMI V1.4 TX and RX, Interlaken/Double XAUI, XAUI, SGMII, SRIO, Fiber Channel, AHB/AXI, and Ethernet.
  • Data Converter IP includes SAR and pipelined ADCs and wide bandwidth, precision and high speed DACs.
  • Mixed-Signal IP includes LVDS, power management, DC-DC converters, clock generator IP, 3.3V/2.5V high voltage tolerant/drive I/O, etc.
  • Memory Element IP includes many offerings from TSMC including single- and dual-port memory compilers and memory types are also available.
  • Peripheral Core IP includes DDR2/3 Controller and PHY IP up to 1600Mbps silicon-proven IP (next generation targeting 2133Mbps) with both wire bond and flip chip solutions.
  • Processor IP includes MCU/MPU and hardened ARM processor cores including an ARM development platform for quick prototyping.

These IPs are silicon and production proven in the ASIC projects of a global customer base.
GUC's wide experience with all kinds of IP combined with a comprehensive customization flexibility allows customers to quickly meet both product requirements and to achieve market goals at the same time. GUC has an established reputation in integrating a wide range of IP supported by a full suite of design services and an experienced technical team dedicated to developing design flows that address the complexities of today's ASIC designs.


  • GUC Analog IP Portfolio


  • GUC High Speed IP Portfolio


  • GUC IP Ecosystem

GUC, in collaboration with leading IP vendors, provides the most state-of-the-art IP portfolio. The ecosystem builds, validates, and delivers the comprehensive IP solution to ensure IP quality, integration and testability, which enables shorter design cycle time, higher first silicon success, and faster time-to-market.

IP Name Featured Partners
Mixed Signal Analog Bits, Cadence, Dolphin Technology, SiliconCreation, TCI
Bus Interface ARM, Cadence, PLDA, Semtech, Synopsys
Memory Element ARM, Cadence, eMemory, NSCore, Sidence, Synopsys, TSMC
Multimedia ARM, Ceva, Elliptic, Imagination, Synopsys, TMC
Peripheral Core ARM, Cadence, Synopsys
Physical Library ARM, Dolphin Technology, M31, Synopsys, TSMC
Processor Andes, ARM, Ceva, Imagination(MIPS), Synopsys



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