• Clocking
  • Clocking
Part No. Maturity Description Process Type Data
IGAPLLV01A Design Kit
Spread Spectrum Clock Generator PLL CLN16FF+ LL
IGAPLLV03A Pilot General Purpose PLL CLN16FF+ LL
IGAPLLV04A Design Kit
General Purpose PLL CLN16FF+ GL
IGAPLLT01A Production 1.8V/0.9V 3GHz General Purpose PLL CLN28HPM
IGAPLLT03A Production General Purpose PLL CLN28HPM
IGAPLLT13A 2016 Q3 PLL for 2.4G 10bit AFE CLN28HPC+
IGAPLLS09A Production 1.8V/0.9V General Purpose Deskew PLL CLN45SG
IGAPLLS01A Pilot 2.5V/1.1V general purpose PLL for AFE clock CLN40LP
IGAPLLS04B Production 2.5V/1.1V general purpose deskew PLL CLN40LP
IGAPLLS05A Production 2.5V/1.1V Spread spectrum PLL for FPD Link CLN40LP
IGAPLLS10A Pilot General Purpose De-Skew PLL CLN40LP


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