DDRn PHY and Controller IP

GUC DDR IP is a complete solution for SoC designs requiring high performance and low power on both the controller (MAC) and the physical layer (PHY). GUC DDR IP covers a broad range of protocols including all JEDEC standards DDR memory interface spec. DDR2 / DDR3 / DDR4 & LPDDR2 / 3 / 4. With fully optimized hard macro PHY and manufactured on TSMC process technologies, GUC DDR4/LPDDR4 PHY and controller can run up to 4200Mbps, making it the industry‘s highest performance solution. Along with its eye-catching performance, GUC DDR IP provides the most optimal power / area trade off among all DDR IP providers.

GUC provides DDR solutions for 65nm, 40nm, 28nm, 16nm and 10nm process node. GUC as a design service company, GUC DDR PHY also provides package, PCB design and SI / PI simulation vertical aligned service to guarantee lowest cost, best quality, most reliable in production, and the DDR PHY equips with full functions auto-training and debug mode, which reduces the customers’ system boot up time and guarantee the optimized system margin.



  • DDRn PHY and Controller IP


Part No. Maturity Description DDR2 Speed DDR3 Speed DDR4 Speed LPDDR2 Speed LPDDR3 Speed LPDDR4 Speed HBM-2 Process Product Brief
TBD  2017Q1 (LP) DDR3/4 PHY   -  3200 4266 - 3200 4266 - N7  
IGAHBMV01A   2017Q1 HBM-2 PHY  -   - - 2Gbps  CLN16FF+  Download
IGADDRV03A  Pilot  LPDDR3/4 PHY 2666 3200  2666  3200  - CLN16FF+   Download 
IGADDRV04A Production (LP)DDR3/4 PHY - 2666 3200 - 2666 3200 - CLN16FFC Download
IGADDRT02A  Pilot (LP)DDR3/4 PHY  1600  2400  1066 1600  2400 CLN28HPM  Download 
IGADDRT01A Pilot (LP)DDR3/2 PHY  1066  2133  2133  CLN28HPM  Download 
IGADDRS01A Production    DDR2/3 PHY 800  1600   CLN40G Download 
IGADDRS03A Pilot  DDR3/4 PHY  1600  1866  CLN40LP  Download 
IGADDRS04A Production  DDR2/3 PHY  1066  1866  - CLN40LP+  Download 
IGADDRP01A Production  DDR2/3 PHY 1066  1066  CLN65LP  Download 
IGADDRR01A Production DDR2/3 PHY  1066 1600  CLN55LP Download 
IGDDDR002A Production  (LP) DDR3/2 Ctrl  1066  1866  1066  All  Download 
 IGDDDR005A  Pilot (LP) DDR3/4 Ctrl  2133  4200  2133  4200  All  Download 
 IGDHBM001A 2017Q1   HBM-2 Ctrl 2Gbps  All  Download 



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