• MPW Benefits
  • Low fabrication cost: MPW can combine designs from many customers onto multi-project wafers (MPW) or multi-layer mask (MLM) service.
  • Flexible in Schedule.
    - In alliance with TSMC Cybershuttle service, customers can access all TSMC shuttles. There are over 150 shuttles per year
  • Flexible in Design Service
    - GUC can provide services from GDSII, Netlist or RTL to tapeout. In addition, GUC can offer design kits release.
  • Flexible in Small Volume Production Service
    - This service includes small-volume wafer fabrication, package, testing and qualification.

  • MPW Service Flow 

  • Make a Reservation - Contact GUC MPW Captain/Account Manager
  • GUC account manager contacts customers for further technical and business transaction.
  • Customers upload Tape-Out data (GDSII), DRC/LVS report to GUC FTP site.
  • Customer ssubmit Tape-Out forms.
  • GUC informs customers of delivery schedule.

  • MPW Contact Window
MPW Captain: Perry Ku
E-mail: mpw@guc-asic.com
Tel: +886-3-564-6600 ext. 6957



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