GUC has being considering not only the economic value of corporate creates, but also balance the interests of stakeholders and implement our corporate social responsibilities without hesitation. It builds sustainable value for GUC and its stakeholders.

Based on "Global Unichip Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles", the commission is composed of cross-department representatives in order to implement corporate social responsibility initiatives.The Chief Financial Officer is appointed as the Chairman in full charge.The executive performance shall be submitted to the Board of Directors.

CSR major performance includes:

  • Economy
    01. Net sales reached NT$10.71 billion in 2019, dropped by 20% on YoY basis After-tax profit was NT$633 million and EPS was NT$4.73 in Y2019, both dropped by 36% on YoY basis.
    02. GUC was listed in the Taiwan High Compensation 100 Index published by Taiwan Stock Exchange for six consecutive years.
    03. GUC was awarded “the Top 5% companies” in the first to sixth Corporate Governance Evaluation of Listed Companies by Taiwan Stock Exchange.
  • Environment
    01. In response to the headcount increase in 2019, GUC set the annual electricity saving target for 2019: increase / year (3%), the actual execution:
    decrease / year (4.6%), which exceeded the target.
    02. GUC set the annual water saving target for 2019 is an increase of 522 degrees / year. To support our headcount increase, which rate is 3% in 2019, but actual water saving is 2,198 degrees / year, which also exceeded the target.
    03. 5nm/7nm HBM2E3.2Gbps PHY+Controller both are silicon-proven in TSMC and the efficiency can be improved by 30% compared with HBM2.0.
    04. Completed development of low power consumption 7nm Pipeline TCAM IP. This IP can be widely used in networking equipment, like IP switch router and data center. And it will significantly increase the efficiency of advanced chips by more than 2GHz. The power consumption can be reduced by 10%~40% because of its flexible design, which is really helpful for environmental energy saving.
  • Society
    01. GUC Donated 114 computers to Triple E Institute and 44 notebooks to
    Engineers without Borders in 2019.
  • For more corporate social responsibility information, please refer to the "2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report"