Today's complex SoC designs turn to high speed interfaces to provide chip-to-chip or chip-to-device high volume data transmission. Physical layer IP for analog signal processing and controller IP that support specific protocols are just as important to the SoC designer who integrate digital logic into their ASICs.


GUC's digital IP family provides a broad range of controller IP that support key interface protocols, including USB2.0/3.0/3.1, PCIe2/3/4, DDR2/3/4, LPDDR2/3/4, and display port, MIPI unipro, and UFS2.0.


The GUC digital IP family and GUC high speed interface PHY IP are production proven, having established a significant mass production track record that demonstrates testability and reliability. Along with its own PHY IP, GUC has also verified interoperability with PHY IP from partners like M31, whose USB3.0 PHY has passed USB-IF USB3.0 logo certification. 


Due in part to its long term commitment to digital IP development, GUC controller IP has been adopted across a wide spectrum of applications including smart phones, tablets, TVs, set-top boxes, cameras, modems, game consoles, PCs, and telecommunications equipment.


GUC augments its extensive in-house digital IP catalog by collaborating with IP partners like PLDA, Synopsys or Renesas to satisfy virtually every design preference. This Solution Guide lists Renesas digital IP that have been verified in GUC ASIC projects and either interoperates with GUC PHY IP or with other 3rd party PHY IP.



Digital IP

Part. No Maturity Description Feature Process Download
IGDNET001A Production Ethernet MAC AHB Ethernet 10/100Mbps MAC All
IGDNET002A Pilot Ethernet MAC AHB Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps MAC All
IGDNET003A Pilot Ethernet MAC AXI Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps MAC All
IGDNET006A Pilot Ethernet MAC Ethernet 1/2.5/10Gbps MAC All -
IGDNET004A Pilot Ethernet MAC Ethernet 10GBASE KR PCS All
IGDNET005A Pilot Ethernet MAC Ethernet 1000BASE-X PCS/SGMII PCS All -
IGDNET007A Pilot Ethernet MAC Quad Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface PCS All -
IGDAHB001A Pilot Peripheral Vectored Interrupt Controller All
IGDAHB003A Pilot Peripheral DMA Controller All
IGDAHB004A Production Peripheral Static Memory Controller All
IGDAHB006A Pilot Peripheral Local Memory Controller All
IGDAHB008A Pilot Peripheral Serial Peripheral Interface(SPI) All
IGDAPB001A Production Peripheral General Purpose I/O Controller All
IGDAPB002A Pilot Peripheral Real Time Clock All
IGDAPB003A Pilot Peripheral Watch Dog Timer All
IGDAPB004A Pilot Peripheral Timer All
IGDAPB007A Production Peripheral Digital Audio Interface All
IGDAPB009A Pilot Peripheral I2C Interface All
IGDJPG001A Pilot Peripheral Baseline JPEG Encoder All
IGDJPG002A Production Peripheral Baseline JPEG Encoder With AHB All
IGDJPG004A Pilot Peripheral Baseline JPEG Decoder with AHB All
IGDJPG006A Production Peripheral Baseline JPEG Codec with AHB All
IGDAHB002A Production Peripheral LCD Controller All