EMS(Enterprise Multi-standard) SerDes/ PHY

GUC developed its SERDES PMA IP, Enterprise Multi-Standard SERDES PHY (EMSPHY), specifically to accommodate the needs for a broad range of market segments including Data Storage, Network Communication, PC Interconnect, Radio Interface, and Data Converter Serial Interface. With seamless interoperability with PCS/MAC logic functions, GUC EMSPHY provides unique solution to customer‘s system application.

The EMSPHY‘s small footprint supports one, two or four lanes per-macro configuration, resulting in extremely flexible implementation of SOC ASIC. Besides standard version targeting for long reach with high channel loss, the EMSPHY also comes with low-power version that makes it ideal for nearly every energy-saving application.

All SERDES PMA IP is designed based on standard TSMC logic device process and is available for TSMC 90nm, 40nm, 28HPM/HPC, and 16FF+ process nodes.



EMS PHY IP Portfolio

Part. No Maturity Description Feature Process Download
TBD 2017 Q4 56Gbps EMSPHY up to 56Gbps CLN16FFC -
IGASERV03A 2017 Q3 28Gbps EMSPHY up to 28Gbps CLN16FFC -
IGASERT06A Pilot 28Gbps EMSPHY up to 28Gbps CLN28HPC+
IGAPCIT04A 2017 Q3 10G USB 3.1/3.0 PHY USB3.1/3.0 CLN28HPC+ -
IGASERT01A Production 12Gbps EMSPHY up to 12.5Gbps (KR, CEI-11G, JESD204B, CPRI, PCIE-3, SATA/SAS) CLN28HPC/28HPC+

Industry Serial-Link Standards IP

Part. No Maturity Description Feature Process Download
IGAPCIT01A Pilot PCIe-3 PHY 2.5 to 8Gbps; quad lanes CLN28HPM
IGAPCIT03A Pilot PCIe-3 PHY 2.5 to 8Gbps; low power CLN28HPC+
IGASERS03A Production PCIe-3 PMA 2.5 to 8Gbps; quad lanes CLN45GS
IGASERS10A Production PCIe-2 PHY 2.5 to 5Gbps; quad lanes CLN40LP
IGASERS02A Production 1.5G EPON PHY 1.5Gbps; quad Lanes CLN45GS
IGASERS05A Production XAUI PHY 1.5 to 3.125Gbps; quad lanes CLN45GS
IGASERS07A Production 10G KR Multi PHY 1.5 to 10.3125Gbps CLN45GS