EMS (Enterprise Multi-standard) SerDes PHY

EMSPHY (Enterprise Multi-Standard PHY) PMA solution is designed specifically to address a broad range of market segments including Data Storage, Network Communication, PC Interconnect, Radio Interface, and Data Converter Serial Interface. When integrated with application specific PCS/MAC logic functions, GUC's EMSPHY solution provides a robust and seamless integration in customer's system.

EMSPHY's small tile-based footprint supports multi-lane macro configurations, resulting in extremely flexible SOC implementation. EMSPHY supports long reach and can handle up to 35dB of channel loss. For short reach applications, EMSPHY supports programmable low power modes providing an optimized balance of power and system performance.

All EMSPHY family IPs are designed based on standard TSMC logic process and is available for TSMC 28nm, 16nm, 12nm and 7nm process nodes.




EMS PHY IP Portfolio

Part. No Process Description Readiness Download
IGASERX02A 7nm 1.25-32Gbps Enterprise SerDes V
IGASERV08A 12nm 1.25-32Gbps Enterprise SerDes V
IGASERT08A 28nm 1.25-32Gbps Enterprise SerDes V