• NTO (New Tape-Out) number from 2016 ~ 2020: 190+
  • of 16nm/12nm/7nm/6nm/5nm/3nm NTO: 80+
  • of 16nm/12nm/7nm/6nm/5nm on-going projects: 10+
  • of projects w/ 100M+ gates: 16+
  • of projects w/ 1B+ (>250 W) gates TPO: 7+

Tape-out Record:
190+ project tape-out from 2016 to 2020


Process Gate Count Application
5nm 15M Memory
5nm 2M Standard Cell
5nm 7M PLL/ THM/ HBM2E
5nm 8M FF/ XOR/ PM
5nm 10M Computing Engine
7nm 400M AI Inference
7nm >3000M HPC - Chip I
7nm >3000M HPC - Chip II
7nm 1000M Computing Engine
7nm 8M HBM2E/ EMS 16G
7nm 6M HBM2
7nm <1M PLL/ DLL
12nm 147M Drone
12nm 60M Multimedia
12nm 220M Multimedia
12nm 1200M AI Training
12nm 25M AI Inference
12nm 22M Storage
12nm 140M AI Inference
12nm 340M 5G DFE
16nm 1000M Computing Engine
16nm 59M AI Inference
16nm 50M Storage
16nm 1160M AI Training
16nm 1600M AI Training
16nm 150M Computing Engine