Stakeholder Communication

According to ‘GUC Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles’, the commission is composed of cross-department representatives in order to implement corporate social responsibility initiatives. GUC sorts out the stakeholders into 7 categories: shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, government, academic institutions, and society.  GUC pursuits the sustainable development in order to meet the stakeholders’ demands and expectations . Through the establishment of long-term business development and integrity with a clear, effective, and real-time communication channels to the stakeholders. And representatives from each team continued to communicate with stakeholders and in the ordinary course of business collect questionnaires and comments to the interested parties to do all the management issues and achieve related issues of corporate social responsibility.


Stakeholder Management Procedure

GUC’s stakeholders’ management procedure is divided into identification, analysis, planning, management of four steps:

  • Identification of stakeholders: stakeholders are defined within GUC impact on GUC or affected by external groups or individuals. Therefore, we identified GUC’s stakeholders including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, government agencies, academic and research institutions and community.
  • Analysis of major stakeholders concerned issues: issues of concern after major stakeholders completed questionnaires were collected, according to their degree of concern about the influence and GUC establish communication platform GUC interested parties, and the establishment by the teams in charge of the unit Multiple communication channels, and interested parties aggregated issues of concern,considering the GUC concept of sustainable development, taking into consideration the surface G4, 19 interested parties identified issues of concern, and the concern suffered by the subject assessment and analysis of significant degree.
  • Stakeholders related programs: GUC basis of the preceding analysis of the relevant team result set management approach into their daily or annual work plan and regular review and assessment of the effectiveness of the management approach,as the company sustainable development strategy important reference.
  • Interested party management: GUC based on the importance of the interested parties and have varying degrees of interaction with the effective use of company resources and create mutually beneficial win-win relationship.

Stakeholder Communication Frequency and Channel

General Shareholders
  • Annual General Shareholders Meeting is held in Q2
  • Annual Report is released before the Annual General Shareholders Meeting
  • Communicate with GUC by phone and e-mail
  • Semi-annual Investor Conference
  • Participation in Investor Forum or Investor Conference held by both domestic and foreign investment agent and securities companies
  • Reception for investors, domestic and foreign investment agent and securities companies from time to time
  • Corporate general announcement
  • Quarterly employees conference and other regular meetings
  • Mailbox for appeals from employees
  • Questionnaire surveys
  • EFS Service Center
  • Employee assistance program
  • Customer audit
  • Customer meeting
  • Annual tech symposium
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Complied with customer’s requests of industry and social responsibility survey.
  • Supplier information platform
  • Supplier audit
  • Interviews and meetings
  • Official documents
  • Regulation conference or public hearing
  • Corporate financial statement
  • Offering relevant reports in response to the demands and regulations from government authorities
  • Communication with government authorities via associations or unions
  • Industry-Government-Academia seminar
  • Monthly press release in connection with new technologies and new products
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Quarterly operating results
  • Participation in support programs to media charity activities
  • Publishing CSR Report
  • Official Website and email
  • Participation in disaster relief activities
Academic Institutions
  • Questionnaire survey
  • Company and school collaboration program
  • Summer interim program
  • Company visiting program

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