• GUC's employees have more flexible vacation policy than the one regulated by Labor Standards Act when they get on board.
  • GUC cafeteria offers free meals three times a day.
  • GUC offers the free car and scooter parking spaces for the employees.
  • GUC library has various books, magazines and newspapers in order to create a relaxable rest area.
  • GUC sets up the outdoor basketball field for the employees to exercise during the break time.
  • GUC also has the indoor gym and basketball arcades to create a weatherproof entertainment space.
  • GUC does care about the employees’ health and arranges the doctor’s consulting appointments for someone in need.
  • GUC offers Employee Assistance Program(EAP) for any problem on career development, interpersonal relationship, pressure management and etc.
  • GUC offers multiple discount gift cards for employees to buy.
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