HBM2(E) Controller and PHY IPs

GUC HBM2(E) IPs provide complete solutions for SoC design targeting high bandwidth applications such as AI, HPC, data centers and networking. GUC HBM2(E) IPs are fully compliant to JEDEC JESD235C. With fully optimized hardmacro PHYs and manufactured on TSMC process technologies, GUC HBM2E PHY is silicon proven at 3.2Gbps while HBM2 PHY is silicon proven at 2.4Gbps, making them the industry highest performances HBM2(E) PHYs. Along with the performances, GUC HBM2(E) PHYs have the most optimal
power/area balances and cost effectiveness.


GUC provides HBM2(E) IPs for a wide range of advanced process nodes including 16nm, 12nm, 7nm and 5nm. Essential to HBM2(E) IP solutions, GUC is expert in TSMC HBM CoWoS flow, implementation and testing. GUC HBM2(E) IPs have been silicon proven and production in real 2.5D IC system application.


HBM2(E) Controller and PHY IP

Part. No Process Description Readiness Download
IGAHBMY02A 5nm HBM2(E)-3.2G PHY V -
IGAHBMX02A 7nm HBM2(E)-3.2G V
IGAHBMV03A 12/ 16nm HBM2-2.0G PHY V
IGDHBM003A All HBM2(E) Controller V