Mixed-Signal Front-End IPs are designed for Analog-Signal-to-SoC interface transceiver, including wireless Analog Front-End (AFE), traditional Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) and Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC). These IPs support sampling rate from 10KHz to more than 10GHz, and cover analog signal bandwidth from DC to more than 5GHz. Wide bandwidth handling can achieve both direct sampling and IQ sampling. Highly integration solution includes amplifier, filter, calibration circuit, and high performance PLL to optimize power performance area (PPA) for not only communication system such as 5G, Wi-Fi … etc, but also power control, monitor, video system. GUC Mixed-Signal Front-End IPs also provide production test solution and APB/I2C/JTAG interface for easy integration to enable ASIC success.

Block diagram of IGAAFEV03A


Part_Number Process Description Download
IGAAFET05A 28nm 2.4Gsps Analog Front-End
IGAAFEV03A 12nm 16Gsps Analog Front-End


Part_Number Process Description Download
IGAAFET06A 28nm ABB Analog Front-End
IGAAFEV04A 12nm 500MHz Analog Front-End


Part_Number Process Description Download
IGAADCR05A 65nm 12 Bit 40Mhz Pipelined ADC [2ch]
IGAADCR10A 55nm 12 Bit 120MHz Pipelined ADC [1ch]
IGAADCR16A 55nm 12 Bit 80MHz SAR ADC
IGAADCS02A 40nm Programmable Sigma Delta ADC [2ch]
IGAADCS05A 40nm 12 Bit 2MHz SAR ADC [8ch]
IGAADCT09B 28nm 10 Bit 2.4G SAR ADC [2ch]
IGAADCT10A 28nm 12 Bit 125MHz SAR ADC
IGAADCV01A 16nm Thermal Sensor ADC
IGAADCV03A 12nm 12 Bit 250M SAR ADC
IGAADCX03A 7nm TSMC CLN7FF 10-Bit 4Msps SAR ADC [12ch] 
IGAADCX04A 7nm TSMC CLN7FF 12-bit 16 Msps SAR ADC [32ch]


Part_Number Process Description Download
IGADACT09A 28nm 12 Bit 5MHz R2R DAC [1ch]
IGADACT10A 28nm 12 Bit 250MHz Current Steering DAC [2ch]
IGADACR02A 65nm 12 Bit 80MHz Current Steering DAC [2ch]
IGADACR03A 65nm 11 Bit 2.5Mhz R2R DAC [1ch]
IGADACR10A 55nm 12 Bit 5MHz R2R DAC [1ch]
IGADACS01A 40nm 11 Bit 5Mhz R2R DAC [1ch]
IGADACS02A 40nm 12 Bit 80Mhz Current Steering DAC [2ch]
IGADACT02A 28nm 11 Bit 5Mhz R2R DAC [1ch]
IGADACT08A 28nm 10 Bit 2.4GHz Current Steering DAC [2ch]
IGADACV01A 12nm 12 Bit 16GHz Current Steering DAC
IGADACV02A 12nm 12 Bit 500MHz Current Steering DAC


Part_Number Process Description Download
IGACPMV08A 12nm TSMC CLN12FFC Chip Performance Monitor
IGACPMX01A 7nm TSMC CLN7FF Chip Performance Monitor
IGACPMY01A 5nm TSMC CLN5FF Chip Performance Monitor