Our company, steadfast in our commitment to excellence and sustainability, has carved out a unique position in a fiercely competitive market. Recognizing the critical role of robust leadership and corporate governance, we are dedicated to the ongoing implementation of succession planning as a key strategy for future growth.
Identifying and Selecting Talent
We pride ourselves on identifying potential successors who embody the values of integrity, accountability, and innovation. Our Human Resource department has established robust talent development mechanisms, working closely with our executives to define key positions. We screen potential successors for crucial management roles through a comprehensive series of evaluations using a variety of tools. Furthermore, we champion personal development plans for successors, ensuring they are implemented 100%. Moving forward, we will maintain our focus, conducting regular evaluations and providing feedback to ensure the development and progress of our successors remain on track.
Cultivating an Exceptional Leadership Team
We place a strong emphasis on practical experience in the development of our management levels. They are not only involved in numerous cross-functional projects to achieve company goals, but also regularly participate in senior management meetings and strategy sessions. This approach enhances their strategic thinking and management capabilities. In addition, we conduct annual performance evaluations to review their work outcomes. Based on their performance, we plan project work, job rotations, expatriate assignments, or other personal development plans, using performance results as a reference for promotion and salary compensation.
We also engaged senior consultant with extensive industry experience to provide professional coaching for our key management levels. Through one-on-one coaching sessions with the consultant over a period of more than six months, our key management levels not only achieve the company’s business goals, but also attain multiple aspects of business acumen and self-development in the sharing and exchange of leadership experience, thereby effectively enhancing their succession capabilities.
Planning Strategic Leadership Training
Our Human Resource department meticulously plans training courses for our management levels each year, aligning with organizational strategies and leadership competencies. In 2023, our potential successors have successfully completed 100% of the required leadership courses. Additionally, we arranged for potential successors and key management levels to participate together in the “Individual Development Workshop”. This encouraged the exchange of ideas on subordinate development and succession planning, with a focus on achieving a win-win situation for career and personal development. We have also organized advanced technology courses and personal effectiveness training for our key management levels. These course arrangements are diversified and carefully planned, with the aim of strengthening our future management team and equipping our management echelon with a more comprehensive skill set.
Through our comprehensive training and development programs, we continuously enhance the decision-making and judgment capabilities of our management levels, thereby ensuring a high-quality talent pool. Our succession planning strategy underscores the importance we place on corporate governance, our commitment to the future, and our dedication to sustainable development. We remain steadfast in our mission to cultivate exceptional leaders and implement company policies.