GUC Demonstrate World's First HBM3 PHY, Controller, and CoWoS Platform at 7.2 Gbps

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GUC, in partnership with SK hynix

Hsinchu, Taiwan – July 07, 2022 – Global Unichip Corp. (GUC), the leader in Advanced ASIC, announced that they have silicon proved their 7.2 Gbps HBM3 solution, using SK hynix’s first available HBM3 samples. The platform was demonstrated at the Partner Pavilion of the TSMC 2022 North America Technology Symposium; it contained an HBM3 Controller, a PHY, GLink-2.5D die-to-die interface, and a 112G SerDes. The platform supports both the TSMC CoWoS-S (silicon Interposer) and the CoWoS-R (organic interposer) advanced packaging technologies.

The platform represents real-world CPU/GPU/AI/Networking chips by integrating multiple HBM3 memories, GLink-2.5D die-to-die interfaces, and 112G-LR lanes in a high power (up to 400 W) SoC. GUC designed the SoC chip, interposer, substrate and DFT to meet high power and high speed requirement at the system level; managed the consigned materials and final testing with extensive operation experience; and worked with TSMC on CoWoS package assembly.

The HBM3 PHY and Controller IP are ready for high yield production at 7.2 Gbps. GUC’s patent-pending interposer design allows HBM3 bus routing between PHY and memory at any angle while keeping the same signal quality as in regular straight HBM bus routing. It also provides a high flexibility for the SoC and interposer floorplan. GUC’s patented solution enables a memory bus of one HBM3 die to be split into two Controller/PHY pairs in two separate SoC dies. This unique feature enables the configuration of 2:6 or 2:10 SoC vs. HBM3 use cases.

SK hynix’s HBM3 – used for GUC’s Controller, PHY, and platform – provides up to 819 GB/s of bandwidth. “Recently we started mass production of HBM3 and are proving the world’s first readiness of HBM3 and its best performance.” said Sungsoo Ryu, head of DRAM product planning at SK hynix, “By this cooperation, SK hynix and GUC were able to confirm their partnership within the HBM ecosystem. We appreciate this collaboration as an opportunity to prove the world’s best HBM3 solution and solidify our leadership in the premium DRAM market.”

“We are proud, together with TSMC and SK hynix, to demonstrate a first-in-the-industry HBM3 solution. Our HBM3 Controller and PHY are based on the long time and high-volume manufacturing experience of GUC’s CoWoS/HBM2 products. At 7.2 Gbps we are ready for the ever-growing speed requirements of our customers.”, said Jentai Hsu, vice president of GUC. “GUC has a unique combination of HBM3, GLink-2.5D and GLink-3D IP portfolio, CoWoS, InFO_oS, 3DIC design expertise, package design, electrical and thermal simulations, DFT and production testing, high volume manufacturing experience to enable fast development, and quick production ramp-up of the highest end CPU/GPU/AI/Networking products.”

Key features of GUC’s HBM3 CoWoS Platform:

  • World’s 1st fully functional HBM3 Controller and PHY, production-ready at 7.2 Gbps
  • CoWoS interposer and package meet tight 112G-LR SerDes requirements
  • GLink-2.5D interface connecting multiple dies over CoWoS
  • GUC’s patent-pending interposer routing to support HBM3 bus routing at any angle
  • Supports both TSMC’s CoWoS-S and CoWoS-R technologies

GUC 7.2 Gbps HBM3 Solution Using SK hynix’s First Available HBM3 Samples


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