GUC offers TSMC N3E v1.1 and N3P v0.9 Technology

  • GUC builds up TSMC 3nm design flow, offer N3E v1.1 and N3P v0.9 technology for all of HPC, AI and Networking
    • Update the existing N3E design flow from v1.0 to v1.1
    • Offer the N3P v0.9 design flow, boost over 15% performance, reduce 15~30% power (vs. N5), v1.0 will be available by 1Q24
    • Design Challenge
      • TSMC FINFLEX: innovated hybrid row cell
      • Power grid and the Reff optimization for IR mitigation
    • Preparation of APT total solution (HBM, GLink, UCIe) at N3E & N3P

GUC Core Strengths

  • Advanced Packaging Technology Leadership
  • Design Engineering Excellence
  • Customer Trusted Service