White Paper: Using In-Chip Monitoring and Deep Data Analytics for High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Reliability and Safety

The GUC and proteanTecs HBM technology collaboration started with GUC's second generation of HBM, known as HBM2 and HBM2e. We are now presenting the results of the third generation of HBM, HBM3.
This paper proposes a method for adding test ability and visibility into advanced HBM3 interconnect. It is produced by proteanTecs, a leading provider of deep data monitoring solutions for advanced electronics in the Data center, Automotive, Communications and Mobile markets.

Read the complete article from proteanTecs official website: https://www.proteantecs.com/resources/using-in-chip-monitoring-and-deep-data-analytics-for-high-bandwidth-memory-hbm-reliability-and-safety

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