GUC Announces to Join UCIe as Contributor Member

  • GUC joins the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) as Contributor Member and is the member of 6 working groups to contribute our expertise to the next-generation of UCIe technology.
  • GUC has been providing GLink (GUC multi-die interLink) family, the most optimized die to die connection solution for TSMC CoWoS and InFO, been adopted by AI/HPC/DC customers
  • GLink already supports most of UCIe 1.0 digital and analog functionality
  • GLink to support UCIe: minor, low risk changes:
    • UCIe bump map, Link Training, Sideband Channel (digital), FDI Interface, in-band CRC
  • First N5 GUC UCIe to be taped out in 1H23

Learn more about GLink:   

GUC Core Strengths

  • Advanced Packaging Technology Leadership
  • Design Engineering Excellence
  • Customer Trusted Service