GUC Industry-leading 5Tbps/mm Die-to-Die GLink 2.3LL IP Showing Good Silicon Results

  • GLink (GUC multi-die interLink) is the most optimized solution on power, area and speed for multi-die integration by InFO or CoWoS. GLink 1.0 and GLink 2.0 are silicon proven
  • GLink 2.3LL is backward compatible with GLink 1.0 and 2.0, with double bandwidth per beachfront under similar power efficiency, and Low Latency up to 5ns
  • All silicon measurement results exceed spec

  • Total Service Package:
    • Sub-system built/integration 
    • InFO_RDL / Interposer design for InFO / CoWoS Advanced Packaging
    • SI/PI/Thermal co-sim
    • Sub-system bring-up services
  • Reliable Solution: 
    • Robust transmission, with Replay buffer for error correction
    • DFT functionality for separate dies testing and InFO/CoWoS assembly testing
    • Redundant lanes for lane repair to achieve the best yield
  • Power consumption is proportional to actual transferred traffic, almost zero at no traffic

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GUC Core Strengths

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  • Design Engineering Excellence
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