TSMC 2022 Technology Symposium Recap

The 2022 TSMC Symposium events came to a close last week. This year's TSMC Technology Symposium has come back as an in-person event, with a hybrid option. We're really happy to be able to participate in this prestigious event, presenting our latest and comprehensive IC design service as well as IP portfolio (GLink and HBM3).

(TSMC 2022 NA In-Person Symposium Exhibit)


(TSMC EU In-Person Symposium Exhibit)


(TSMC 2022 Israel Workshop Exhibit)


(TSMC 2022 Taiwan Technology Symposium)


(TSMC 2022 Japan Technology Symposium)


Thank you for making our participation a success! We look forward to seeing you next year! 

You can learn about our technology resource updates through below links:

GUC Core Strengths

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